Deadly Panel is a webcomic created by Albert Gonzalez (a.k.a. Koopa). He’s a guy from Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) who likes to talk about himself in third person.

Albert is the author of HTZ, a spanish comic about funny things (like computer science, time travelling or pop culture). Trying something new for a different bunch of people (all of you, those-who-understand-english-but-not-spanish) he created Deadly Panel: More comic strips in other language with bad jokes.

Since this webcomic is his first attempt to create some original content in English expect some mistakes and misuses of the language. So please, feel free to email him about anything: Errors, opinions, requests about virtual hugs… at things@deadlypanel.com (please, be gentle, he’s afraid of so many things).

Follow Albert on Twitter right here.

Also, you can read Deadly Panel in Tapastic or Tumblr.

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